OPAの法律顧問Ashley Kost氏は、下院ゲーミング委員会(House Gaming Committee)への書面でのコメントの中で、問題のギャンブルに関連する問題を減らす努力を称賛すると述べました。


OPAは、コモンウェルス・カジノ委員会(Commonwealth Casino Commission)の規制で既に定義されている「カジノ総ゲーム収益」の定義を明確にし、体系化することが「状況に対処する最良の方法である」とKost氏は考えていると述べました。



H.B. 21-62はカジノの総ゲーム収益を、「現金、クレジットカードの支払い、および回収されたかどうかにかかわらず、受け取った小切手を含むカジノゲーム活動から実際に受け取った合計から、賞金として支払われた合計金額を差し引いたもの、カジノゲーム活動の目的のために、カジノまたはオペレーターによって延長されたクレジットの支払い、またはカジノゲーム活動のためのチップの発行は、ゲームから受け取った金額として含まれ、さらに、いかなる不良債務、クレジットカード手数料、リベート、インセンティブプログラム、あるいは割引は許可されない」と定義するようOPAは提言しています。

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OPA offers another way to prevent tax write-offs

THE Office of Public Auditor supports the idea of restricting tax write-offs as proposed by a bill introduced by Rep. Ralph N. Yumul.

In her written comment to the House Gaming Committee, OPA legal counsel Ashley Kost said OPA commends any effort to decrease the issues associated with problem gambling.

While OPA supports the idea behind House Bill 21-62, which proposes to restrict gross revenue tax write-offs, “we suggest addressing the issue in a different way,” she added.

Kost said OPA believes that clarifying and codifying the definition of “casino gross gaming revenue,” which is already defined in the Commonwealth Casino Commission’s regulations, “is the best way to address the situation.”

This will remove any tax incentive for making loans or extending credit for the purpose of gambling while also bringing clarity to the tax code, she added.

“Closing this loophole by clarifying the definition of revenue instead of creating a new limit to gross revenue is a more direct solution to the identical problem,” Kost said.

OPA suggests that H.B. 21-62 defines casino gross gaming revenue as “the total sums actually received from casino gaming activities, including cash, credit card payments, and checks received whether collected or not, less the total amount paid out as winnings, provided that any sum received in payment for credit extended by a casino or operator for purposes of casino gaming activities or for the issue of a chip or chips for casino gaming activities shall be included as a sum received from gaming, and provided further that no allowance shall be permitted for any bad debt, credit card fee, rebate, incentive program or discount.”



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下院法案21-62 (H.B.21-62)